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-Our Studio-

Our airy, light-filled studio is located on the greenest block of Shahpur Jat, the creative hub of New Delhi. The space was designed with the idea of having a non-traditional workshop where design and manufacturing work closely to create well-made, high-quality clothing. We feel providing an interactive environment and excellent working conditions to our team of karigars and patternmaster is imperative in creating a beautiful, ethical product.

-Our Team at Work-

Each garment is carefully designed with a keen attention to detail, fit and construction. Clean design, functionality and versatility are at the very core of the design process. Superior finishing and stitching details are used to create an elevated product while constantly striving to make it affordable to the customer. We believe that luxury and affordability can go hand in hand!

-Our Products-

Our products are hand cut and produced in-house. Being a small studio, we collaborate with one of the best factories in the country to execute some of our production. Working closely to achieve the highest standards of quality and transparency throughout the manufacturing process, our mutual understanding of garment finishing and quality makes our partnership truly enjoyable!

Please make an appointment for a studio visit:


143-B Shahpur Jat, 1st floor
New Delhi 110049
011-490 56967


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